Here are some of our frequently asked questions, if you cant find what your looking for please get in touch.

Want to know more about the Xpose?

Q: Is this item portable?

A: As standard, the Xpose is a fixed wall mounted photo booth however we are always looking to meet our customers needs. If you feel that you require the Xpose to be portable to suit your venue then please call us and we will run through any options that could be available.


Q: Is there a flash on the camera?

A: The Xpose comes fitted with an LED Halo Light ring that will always provide the perfect lighting for any photograph whether it's daylight or the middle of the night meaning no flash is required.


Q: How is the unit mounted to the wall?

A: As installation comes as standard with all long term hire packages, a  member of our team will visit your venue for a fill install. Installation will differ dependent on wall construction. Contact us for further details.


Q: What electricity supply is required?

A: The Xpose unit requires one standard 240/230v 13amp plug socket (aka your standard plug socket)


Q: What colours can the unit be in?

A: All of our Xpose units are fully customisable (externally) and depending on which long term rental package you chose this may be free of charge.


Have a financial question?

Q: Can I purchase this product?

A: At present we only offer long term rental packages to ensure that ongoing support is offered and that your Xpose unit gets the fantastic updates that we are always working on.


Q: What are our payment terms?

A: To make sure your order is secured we will require the initial set up fee in advance of delivery. Monthly contract instalments will then be collected by Direct debit each month (payment one month in advance).


Q: How can you pay us?

A: You can pay the initial set up fee by bank transfer or credit/debit card payment. All monthly fees will be collected by direct debit straight form your account.


Q: Will we be credit checked during an application?

A: In some circumstances we may require to run checks before entering into an agreement with you. We will always ask for your consent in writing before doing so.


What could go wrong?

Q: What happens if the Xpose gets damaged?

A: We understand that our product will be in a busy and energetic environment and have done everything that we can to ensure the durability of this product. You will be responsible for any excessive damage to the Xpose unit, it is your responsibility to ensure that this is covered under your business insurance.


Q: What happens if the xpose is stolen?

A: The Xpose unit comes fitted with anti theft devices as standard however you will be responsible for the full value of the unit if it is stolen. It is expected that this will be covered within your business insurance.


How does it work?

Q: How does the offline upload queue work?

A: All photos are sent out via your venue's WiFi connection. We understand some internet networks can drop in and out from time to time. With our offline upload queue feature, the Xpose will store all outgoing photos until your internet connection comes back online.


Q: How does data capture work?

A: When a users takes a photo using the Xpose, they then are prompted to enter either their email address or mobile number before continuing. This data is then sent to your online portal for you to access, anytime, anywhere.

Q: How do contests work?

A: The Xpose offers a really cool contest mode, meaning guests can win a complementary product or service you wish to offer. You can set their chances of winning from the online portal.



Q: How can you contact us?

A: You can contact us by:

Q: How can you arrange a maintenance visit?

A: If we cannot solve your problem remotely then we will be happy to come and see you. Just call one of the team on 01384 383072 to arrange a time and date that is convenient.