The Photo Booth Your Venue Has Been Waiting For.

Data collection is boring, you know that. Here at Plixal, we don’t think it should be.

By combining the mundane task of capturing customer contact information with something everyone loves, selfies, we have created the Xpose, the world’s first wall-mounted photo booth. The perfect marketing accessory for your venue.

Fully branded from beginning to end, our expertly crafted photo booth enables customers to take the most beautiful photos of themselves within your venue, without having to awkwardly ask a stranger to take the shot. After choosing their favourite image and adding a stunning filter of their choosing, In order to receive the digital image directly to their phones, our software asks the customer to enter their contact information and finally prompts them to ‘Opt-in or out’ of future marketing communications.

The branded photo or gifs are then instantly sent to your customer’s phone, ready and waiting to be uploaded for all those social likes.

Month on month, our Xpose photo booths are being used over 750 times per site, capturing on average 437 Opt-In customer email addresses and generating in excess of 10,000 social media impressions for our clients.

This high return of online brand exposure and customer data collection can be further capitalised on using our unique competition software. Customers can be randomly selected and rewarded with in-venue promotions for either sharing their images online directly from the photo booth or by completing a short survey about their demographics, interests or even their experience in your establishment.

Whether an independent restaurant or multi-national brand, our product and service is wholly beneficial and totally scalable. All aspects of our Xpose software including real-time analytics, customer information and customisation can be managed remotely from head office, enabling branding to be instantly updated to compliment an upcoming national holiday, or enhance your latest marketing campaign. 

As a semi-permanent install, our Xpose wall-mounted photo booths are available on a number of different 12-month hire packages starting from just £249.00 per month.

For more information on our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8133 1551 or email